Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wild blackberries and Chatting with Mr. Dragonfly

I knew we were going to have exteme heat today so when I woke up early this morning I took Nikita out for a walk first and then went blackberry picking. Past posts here on blackberries with photos and recipes
With Nikita we went over and checked on the berries to see if there was still some to pick-and Nikita enjoyed eating them off the bushes-lol. She also played with a little frog for a bit too-so she enjoyed a nice walk.
I grabbed my grandma's aluminum pale with wooden handle and headed back out. This year picking berries is hard work do to the high temps and no heat. The berries are already drying up on the vines or are over ripe from the hot sun. I was careful what I picked so I would not need to go thru them again in the house. It took me over 2 hours for a pail full, but I glad I got some more again.
The first picking we enjoyed and just ate. This batch I will keep some to eat out fresh-love them with my yogurt, and will freeze most of the rest. When it is not so hot here, I can go back and make up some batches of sugar free jams for Larry.
I am going to make up a fresh batch of yogurt today-and thinking of turning that into homemade blackberry frozen yogurt tomorrow-sounds so good I want some now-lol
If I would have had the camera with me, I would have taken a photo to share this most handsome dragonfly I visited with. He just flew in onto the blackberries near me, and he was so striking I just started talking to him. He stuck around for about 5 minutes or so. He was very large and was a gorgeous dark chocolate brown. I talked with him as "Mr" cause he was larger than most I have seen here and such a handsome color.
I also had another visitor that stayed with me for at least an hour or more-Miss Calico kitty. We always call her miss supervisor cause she likes to be with us when ever we are into a project outdoors. I was out picking by 6:30am maybe earlier so there were lots of birds singing away, and I believe I also heard one of our little bobcats call out just inside the woods.
So a very nice sunday morning here.
I need to do some kitchen things this morning-make yogurt, get the blackberries frozen, and decide how I wasnt to cook up the wild turkey breast I took out of the freezer yesterday.
I have a jar of pesto in the pantry so I think I am going to spread that all over one side-these are large and thin, and then roll up and tie. Will either put in the slow cooker, or on the grill. I don't enjoy grilling when its high 90s and 100s so will probably put it in the slow cooker.
I also need to unmold 5 trays of soap and wrap them up-so I made 15 bars of soap yesterday.
I wanted to get used up what I had on hand before I started on the fresh soap bases. Those should arrive this week-I am thinking perhaps friday. I am really excited over my new soap molds that are coming in too. here is link to where I chose from I ordered the fairy-which I have always wanted, arabesqe mold, hummingbird, wave1 and gone fishing
I don't remember seeing the gonn fishing soaps I think those will be really fun to make up for guys. What essential oils do you think our guys would like in soap??
Need to get busy on getting some tasks done. Happy Sunday


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