Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rust Dyeing in the 100's & Veggies

  It's high 90s here already and heading to top over 100 degrees today. Fire warnings are out for my area too (we live in the woods) no rain so very dry-no humidity, windy, high temps-yep sounds like a fire waiting to happen-keeping fingers crossed-no fires.

   I froze up a batch of fresh kale this morning, got a batch of collards ready for supper tonight, made peach blackberry frozen yogurt, and decided this is really the perfect weather for rust dyeing.

   The one photo shows my pile of collected rusted objects, the other photo shows fabric wrapped in rusted objects-this in the full sun in our back yard-you can see how dry the grass is when it gets no shade.

  I need to go out every hour and re dampen the fabric with vinegar water-as I know they will dry out pretty fast-then surprise-we will discover what happens. I am out of sun paints by pebeco or I would be out under a shady tree sun painting too.

  My other photos are a couple of my potted veggies. Those tomatos are the nicest ones I have-they are heirloom purple cherokee, and this year I was able to purchase a white eggplant and the japanese eggplant-we have already enjoyed two of the japanese eggplants-I love these much better than those big ones that are more common. These are mild tender and very tasty.

   I got my new business cards in for my etsy shops so need to type up ingredient lists for all my soaps

Stay cool and safe everyone


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