Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Tuesday

Woke up to temps 10 degrees cooler than what they have been lately, and we will have a high today of around 92 instead of around 100-so I guess this is the "cool down" they were talking about last night-lol
I am doing laundry this morning and hanging it out on the line, so this makes the task of getting it on the line much nicer-since its cooler-I like that. I checked out the berries when I was hanging up the first batch-and sigh they are pretty much burnt up now I figured they would get done in. I do have enough fresh out to make another batch of frozen yogurt-so I think I will do that-it was sooo good last night. Larry even came in and said wow I think that's the best homemade I have ever had-it was really good I think the almond milk "kicked it up a notch"
I really need to get back on my bathroom project, but I had gotton side tracked with my soap business. I made up about 2 1/2 dozen bars with what I had on hand, so now waiting for my new supplies. I won't be able to ship these out though to my mother in law til we get back in the 80s. So my goal is to get back working on the bathroom this week.
Last night I went thru some fabric samples that I had gotton a few years back. Our god daughter was going for her interior design degree and had lots of these-instead of throwing them out she asked if I could use them. I saved all the cottons and linens. They all have this sticky stuff on the back of them that I am trying to get off-they had heavy glued thick paper stock on to the backs. I may need to try soaking them off. I thought I would play around with these and rust dye and sun paint over them. Always fun and I need some new items in my creative fibers shop on etsy. I am out of sun paints and they keep being on back order-hopefully next month I get some in.
Today just may be a good day to grill-I think I will try french frys outdoors on the grill along with hamburgers-sounds good to me.
what are you all up to today??


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