Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I guess it won't be getting cooler here any time soon

I went oudoors as soon as it was light and took Nikita for a walk-early early this morning. Then I worked on my sweet potato patch-brought in a wheel barrel of my composted dirt and mixed it with some miracle grow soil and covered up some of the runners with this dirt so they would make even more potatos hopefully, and weeded too. This is turning out to be a really nice little spot for growing a few things-its small for one, and it is shaded most of the day-which I think is needed in a hot summer like this year.
I watered everything else well, watered my neighbors plants-she is out of town, and waited for the supreme courts decision-
I was so upset over the outcome and I couldn't go out in the woods for a jog or a hike cause it is in the 90s already, so I started making more frozen yogurt instead-lol
I had made yogurt from a gallon of organic milk and a tub of greek yogurt, then we got in our foods this week a huge 5 lb. tub of low fat peach yogurt-I would have just made that whole thing into frozen but it had way too much sugar in it per serving for us-so I have been using just a cup of it in the recipe with 2 1/2 cups of plain yogurt along with fresh fruits and no added sugars-coming out pretty good. I made a blueberry one first and now I have in the freezer machine chocolate bits made for ice cream-they are softer, and I had a fresh pear that needed used up so diced that up and put that in too-then I remembered afterwards that pears do not freeze well-so will see how this works out-and just eat it this one first.
So from a gallon of milk and a tub greek yogurt I got lots of homemade yogurts-then from these a little peach yogurt, almond milk, and fresh fruits I made 4 1/2 gallon batches of homemade frozen desserts-I still have more ingredients left that I could make up 2 to 3 more frozen desserts-so that turned out to a good bargain and fun too.
I was working on my frozen yogurt, heard a knock on the door and it turned out to be the ups man with my soap order of supplies-yeah! Now to get some sales from my endeveors-lol
a friend just brought over kfc chicken-in a little bucket-wow I haven't had that in years-of course I can not eat the breading (celicac) so will just eat the meat-I am thinking no cooking for me today-we can eat early today and eat frozen yogurt for supper-lol we do have some left overs.
well enough chatting--off for lunch-oh and the peach-pear chocolate chip frozen yogurt-is delicious


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