Sunday, June 24, 2012

Healthy Mondays Frozen Desserts

Hot days= frozen desserts-per Kathy-lol
Since I plan on making up a batch of frozen blackberry yogurt for us tomorrow with my own homemade yogurt and I think I am also going to use almond milk with the fresh picked bllackberries; thought I would search and share some healthy frozen desserts for healthy mondays. I will post a recipe after I decide how I want to make it tomorrow.
Found some good recipes at Eating Well here Their melon and apple granita looking really refreshing Melon & Apple Granita Recipe recipe here
Eating Well also had several frozen yogurt recipes here
Chocolate raspberry pops here

Frozen yogurt from Food Network here this looked like a good base recipe except for the corn syrup-I would need to change that up with another sugar or perhaps agave
Summer gives us lots of fresh fruits so mix it up into a frozen dessert-and enjoy and cool off


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