Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Monday

It's been kind of a slow moving day here, which is nice cause we are up in the 90s again. The house is still cool today though cause we had a cool evening last night. All that insulation that got put in the attic last year has really made a big difference. We can go about 4 days now of 90s and high evening temps without being too miserable. and lucky this year for us-just when we start getting too hot in the house we get a nice cool down-so thankful for that.
We have been having a young deer visitor every day now for a bit-just outside the computer window. I have been scattering cracked corn and wild bird seed on the ground near the window-to draw in the birds closer for viewing-but never thought about it also bringing in the deer and racoons-which we have a big one that visits now too-lol
I think that deer might have chomped on one of my large corner tubs that had a beautiful yellow heirloom tomato growing nicely too. I have been inspecting every day now for those dreaded large horn worms that seem to devour tomato plants down here-that is one bug I have never encountered before moving here to Missouri-they come in and destroy your plants in nothing flat. I think the deer did this damage cause one large branch was bent pretty bad, at least I have not seen any sign of those worms.
This morning, I went thru my craft room's book shelf and pulled out a dozen or more books I am going to put up for sale. These are all quilt books this time.
I love books, and since the library is inconvenient for us-especially now with no dependable transportation anymore, I look for books on sale thru amazon books, my craft book club, and my quilters flea market group on yahoo. One's interest changes too, and when my two long book shelves are full, I pull out the ones I don't think I will use and sell them, making room for new books-which right now are crazy quilt and embroidery books, and civil war quilt books and history.
I put up some more rocks on the wall again today, almost in line with the tub on that wall now. I am also getting low on rocks again too, so when it cools down again need to have Larry take me down to the river to look for some more rocks again. I usually run out of a variety of large flat ones with color and textures.
I pulled out the baby back ribs that were in the freezer-Larry's most favorite food-and will make those in the smoker for our anniversary dinner tomorrow. Haven't decided what to put with it yet for sides. We have been enjoying fresh salads every week now from my mini garden-so I know I can still put together a nice fresh salad.
I also started sewing down my crazy quilt block onto the hand dyed piece. I found a beautiful batik that matches the colors really nice, so am now sewing that down to frame the block. I am trying out my silk sewing thread, used for applique, for the first time on this. Sews really nice. It is very fine and very strong, if it wasn't so expensive I would consider using it for hand quilting.
That's about all the happenings here. Oh, Larry did get the chance to go along with the guys to this huge flea market and swap meet saturday. I have gone now a couple times with my neighbor friend Sandy and it is alot of fun-lots of walking. They had the perfect day for it, since it was in the low 80s instead of the usual mid 90s.
He brought me back a nice jar of local grown honey, and some warp threads for my weaving.-he always finds me such neat "gifts" when he goes to these things. I was so happy he was able to go this time, was good for him to get out of the house and do something different.
He has been working really hard in his scope repair business. This is something he was trained to do back in his 20s. It is really hard on one's vision so he gave it up and sold all the equipment years ago. He got back into it again for some spending money for himself, and his business keeps growing. He needs an apprentice or to teach me-cause there are only a handful of people that do this kind of work any more.
Have an awesome new week everyone!!


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