Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Frog in my Beets

For the last week now when I water my veggies and flowers after supper, I find this pretty frog in my beet plants. He was not there this morning when I was harvesting veggies but he was back again tonight.
I will see if I can get a photo of him, but I went on our conservation site and I think this is close to what he looks like

I don't think I have seen the yellow stripe on the inside of his legs though, this one is a pickerel frog. information here This article also states that he lives in the caves during the hot summer where it is cool and moist-perhaps he got lost and that's why he likes to live under the beet leaves-shady there. I will take a closer look at his markings tomorrow.
So Danny if you see this post, would we have this frog in my area-it says he lives in the southern half of the state.
I was able to harvest alot of fresh greens again today from my mini garden-beet leaves, swiss chard, a european mix of greens, and I love the salad leaves I planted they are a bronze romaine-and handle these hot temps well. I also picked two small heads of broccoli, a beautiful japanese eggplant, a sweet pepper, and radishes.
When Larry went to the amish farmers auction last week he also bought a box of gorgeous large tomatoes. So for the side dish tonight I sauteed together, sweet onions, mushrooms, my pepper, my eggplant, and tomato-delicious.
A very hot today, so didn't do alot-was glad it worked out to can the first batch of pickles yesterday afternoon-they turned out just like my grandmas-mmm good lol
I may try to mow grass early tomorrow morning-we are suppose to get our one chance for rain next week on monday-so I think tomorrow would be a nice day to mow. when we get into these 90s I don't like to cut the grass real short-as all is does is burn up then.
I had some bars of irish spring bar soap-very very strong fragrance-and decided to grate that all around my sweet potato patch-in hopes the deer do not like the smell-I had read that somewheres-and since it is what I have on hand now-decided to use it-so far no deer-but then deer don't visit the same spot every day-but every week or so-When I walk up to that garden patch-I can still smell the fragrance-I think that is why I bought this soap a few years ago as I found it in my garden stuff-the smell is so strong I would personally never use it on myself.
That's about it for now-
Directv turned on for free this weekend a couple movie channels for us-and this afternoon I got to watch Knight and day with tom cruise and cameron diaz-it was fun to watch that I viewed it twice on two different channels-I had missed the first 20 minutes-so when I found it running again I as going to watch what I missed and ended up watching it again-yes I thought it that was good-but I really both of these actors.


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