Saturday, June 23, 2012

Art Sunday John Henry Twachtman

I was looking for waterfalls and ran into this artist, I really like his works. John Henry Twachtman 1853-1902

John Henry Twachtman was one of the most original and modern artists of the late nineteenth century. Trained in Munich and Paris, and a member of the most advanced American artist groups of his day, Twachtman was at the forefront of the American avant-garde throughout his career. The work of his Greenwich Period, for which he is best known, was influenced by Impressionism and Tonalism, yet Twachtman's stylistic synthesis was unique. Often compared with Claude Monet and James McNeill Whistler, Twachtman developed an experimental technique and explored innovative compositional means to create subtle and poetic images that anticipated directions in twentieth-century abstract painting. more here
more of his paintings here
I am really happy to have run into this painter


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