Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock Shower Update

It was in the 40's early this morning with no humidity, so I am thinking-perfect for getting the second coat of sealer onto the rock shower project. We don't have a good way to ventilate the odor out of the house well, so this was a great time to do this. Don't the rocks look wonderful? The sealer really brings out the colors. This will need at least one more coat perhaps a fourth, so next cool down will do this again.

The top photo shows progress so far in the tub area. Getting close now. The objective  is to get the shower finished so we can use it, and take out the tub for refurbishing and so I can finish the rocks in this area and get it sealed---looking good so far, can't wait.

When I finished up with this project I went outdoors and sprayed roundup. I really avoid this as much as possible, but living in the woods, the poison ivy and poison oak is just getting too close to the house and buildings, and it is growing really fast this year too, I think do to the lack of a real winter.  Actually alot of things are growing better with warmer temps.
Always feels good to get things accomplished. Love that. Now I can get back to something fun-like my crazy quilt block. Next up is a spider web on this first block.


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