Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Miss Calico Kitty

   We moved here to Missouri fall of 2003 and we were given Miss Calico probably 2005. She was dropped off by someone, and the person that found her thought she was pregnant so gave her to us.
    She was definately not pregnant cause she was fixed, and I think she was someone's house kitty. She is such a charm to have here with us, we enjoy her so much.
    Thru the years we have had probably up to 3 additional barn kittys that came and went  but Miss Calico was always here. We always played with her away from the house, and she was not to come inside the gated area where our Nikita stays when she's outdoors. She even survived that horrible ice storm and bitter cold winter we had 5 years ago.
    This past winter we lost our wild kitty Blackie-he just never returned one day, and my found kitty Autumn went missing too last year, so Miss Calico was by herself. One day she just decided she was going to live in the gated area with Nikita. They have actually always played together thru the fence and during our walks, so they get along pretty well.
   One storm last winter they were sleeping together near the wood pile-too sweet.
anyways she comes and goes over the fence whenever she pleases now, and she finds little spots to sleep. She has slept in a box, and she found this vintage mini trunk that I had opened and was airing out., she also likes to sleep on that old blanket that I put out for her.
    So this morning I decided to bring down the mini trunk from where it was, add the blanket to it, and place it near the front door where sometimes there is a box. She jumped right in-I thought I would get a photo with her curled up and napping but she heard me, so woke up just as I was taking the photo.
  and added bonus; since she is the gated area she has caught lots of mice and little rodents-so I now no longer hear them in walls and the attic-yah!
   Our animal friends are such a joy and make me happy


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