Monday, May 21, 2012

A Nice Day in the Garden Today

I woke up really stiff and sore, and thought I had definately over done it-cause my lower back was not feeling so good.
I decided not to do an additional day in a row doing the physical labor stuff-however---the weather was perfect here. No sun this morning, cool, and a constant breeze-how could one not work in the garden?? lol especially since they say we will be mid 90s by weeks end.
So I planted my sweet potato slips, and I had a small bag of heavily sprouted red potatos that I was saving, so I planted a row of them. I had enough room left to plant our favorite winter squash the sweet dumplings, a ring of japanese cucumbers, and another ring of zuchinni. By the time I get the rest of the area cleared with the weeds-there should be plenty of room for everything to spread out and grow.
This is the area that I took a photo of the other day, I love this little spot, it stays shady til noon and then the sun is on it in the afternoon. and it is close enough to the house for ease of hand watering. so I am excited and hope things will grow. Watering everything is up next after I post this blog. I have found that it is working out really well to really soak everything after we have supper-the sun and heat are down, and the soild is damp come morning so the plants are ready for the hot sun.
My little thrush is off her nest and hopping around outside my computer window. I started scattering cracked corn and seed there so it brings the birds up close to view.
catch ya all later on-off to water
The civil war quilting book arrived today and I was soooo disappointed in it that I wanted to send it back-but by the time one adds up the shipping both ways, and adds the delivery confirmation I won't be saving much-so decided to sell it instead-I put it in my etsy shop and also in my yahoo quilting flea market group too. I think I am used to Barbara Brackmans books and this one just did not compare for me.


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