Monday, May 14, 2012

More Stitching on my CQ Block

  This is was what I stitched yesterday afternoon-fun! 
For some reason I have not gotton the feather stitch figured out, and I am thinking of using that stitch as fill in along the borders in this area. Last night I found better photos and directions in a different book that I have, so will give that a go today.
   I am loving this avenue for creativity for me-so much more rewarading than the  postcard and card making swaps I have been doing in recent years.
    We are in for a warm up this week-was really enjoying the cool down, especially in the evenings-keeps the house cool. I need to do more mowing of grass this week, and also get back to my rock shower project-I need a couple more coats of sealer in the shower area, and then put up more rocks on the walls in the tub area-I sooooo want completion of the bathroom by years end.

    Enjoy your new week!


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