Friday, May 18, 2012

Is it Really Friday Already?

This week seems to have really flown by.
This morning's project is to get an area ready to plant my sweet potato slips. I brought back some of the potatos in September when I visited my Mom. Her cousin Charlotte has one of the best varieties I've tasted so I saved back one to start the slips. I ended up with lots of slips, will share some with Mr. L too.
Yesterday I went out to what once was our large garden area and started spraying all the thick weeds and grasses to see if I could manage to get an area cleared. I ended up with lots of chigger bites in the
Then Larry had the idea yesterday to use this spot across from the front of the house near all the ponds, gets partial shade, and is where we once had a huge huge pile of horse manure mixed with straw. It is now broken down into compost. I have used alot of it so far in my container gardening. I think it will be a perfect spot-and will be faster for me to get ready to plant too.
So I thought I would work on that this morning, so its ready to plant early sunday morning. Tomorrow I will be gone all day with my neighbor friend-a big flea market, and at a garden center there will be an art show, and food shopping. So long fun day.
We are to be very hot today and tomorrow, and then a slight cool down sunday and monday with a slight chance of rain-so sunday will be a good day to plant the sweet potatos.
The house still has that bad odor from the Thompsons water seal-I thought the house wasn't too bad this time-but when I closed some of the windows-yep the smell is still here-something that had to get done though, and we are running out of those cooler days now as we get into summer.
Last night on the national news the national weather service predicted a very hot summer for the western states and southwest areas including most of Missouri.
The next area in my crazy quilt block I am adding a spider web with metalic threads-looking really nifty so far.
Have an awesome weekend everyone


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