Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Worked on my First Crazy Quilt Block Last Night

  I decided to take off my ceramic bunny button, since this is my beginner block and save it for another block that will go into the quilt I want to make.
  Once this block is finished and gets all squared up, I may just sew it on to one of my market bags so I can enjoy it.
     I did make the mistake of not needle turing the edges down on a couple pieces of velvet that are in this piece. One person on my crazy quilt group suggested that she uses a fray check on pieces of velvets used this way. She also told me that when she designs her blocks with wools she machine stitches down the edges first and then embroiders over them (pieces laid on a muslin foundation) I think thats a good idea too.
  I have not learned much embroidery at all in my past, actually something I was never taught and my Mom and her Mom embroidered alot-so now that I think of it, don't know why it never came up-as I learned how to cook from scratch and how to sew my own clothes when I was growing up.
   I had that vintage lace in my stash, and I had picked up a little package of swarovski jewelry making pieces that picked up the colors of the threads and looked nice here.
   Anyways, this has been fun creativity for me, a chance to explore new things and create something in the process that I can use-and of course for me I love to recycle materials into new again.
   I am not sure if my little bug looks like a bug so need to work on that, I am thinking perhaps of embroidering a fence in that wide blue wool section, and teach myself some new stitches again too.


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