Monday, May 21, 2012

Healthy Mondays Yogurt Smoothies

This is the time of year I especially enjoy making a healthy smoothie. We are in for hot summer temps this week-so these are perfect for me, nutrition while still eating light and enjoying something cold too.
This is where I may also add a scoop of whey or rice powder for added proteins, and also a spoon full of konsyl.
I was looking for a yogurt strawberry smoothie recipe this morning, and found this great photo tutorial by King Arthur Flour for making homemade yogurt and then turning it into a strawberry smoothie.

recipe here
When I was food shopping over the weekend, I picked up a gallon of organic fat free milk along with an extra carton of greek yogurt-so I could make up a big batch of homemade yogurt for us. Larry enjoys fresh yogurt as pick me up snack on a hot day.
Happy Monday


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