Monday, May 14, 2012

Gluten Free Gravy

You know all these years going on 20 now learning every year about gluten free baking and cooking, I had just quit making gravy for the holidays. I never have eaten much gravy, but sometimes it's nice for the holidays. But how do you make it, what flours to use??
So doing a google search, I actually found several posts.
  recipe and photo from here
Here is one using sweet rice flour
Here is a recipe including a video too, using sweet rice or sorghum flour or both
checking on what sweet rice flour is I found this:
"If you remember our advice from last year, it’s to use sweet rice flour as a thickening agent. Be aware that sweet rice flour is NOT the same as rice flour, and it’s also not sweet. It’s just got a neutral flavor and a texture that works perfectly as a thickener for your gluten-free Thanksgiving gravy"  recipe here
and this too: 
"Sweet Rice Flour is made from glutinous rice (it does not contain the gluten fraction that is prohibited to the gluten intolerant). Often used as a thickening agent. Sweet rice flour is becoming more common in gluten-free baking for tender pies and cakes, It has the ability to smooth the gritty taste" from here
I am glad I looked this up, as I never would have thought sweet rice flour being the flour of choice here for gravy. I found recipes using cornstarch-but I don't really like that, and I have thickened up things with arrowroot starch too-but just not the right end product for my gravy.  so I think I found a new flour to be useful for me in my gluten free cooking.


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