Friday, May 18, 2012

Butterflys on Lavender & Gardening

  I was so happy to see this visitor again, (the first butterfly posted) so I ran in the house to get my camera. This is a very shy butterfly compared to alot of my other butterfly visitors.
  It took many trys to get a photo with the wings opened up. This one is so pretty does anyone know the name of this butterfly??
   I did work on my new little garden area, and I am going to love it. It over looks our ponds to the right and straight ahead. A little make shift road comes around on the left and to the back that we use to get to the back areas of our property. The middle section is about finished, but there are still some areas with weeds yet to pull.
   I checked on my conpost pile and was thrilled to have collected 5 large wheel barrel fulls of the "black gold" so far. This pile has been composted and added to during the last 5 years. I had given up on the large garden area we set up, due to all the wildlife enjoying my garden too-lol It needs a fence definately, and it also needs lots more top soil-and compost, manure etc. I don't have the back for it anymore, especially if I don't have a fence to keep out the deer and other visitors.
  So during the last 4 years I have been adding more large tub containers for my tomatoes, peppers etc. Larry built me a couple raised beds inside our fenced in area in front of the house-so this year I was able to plant a few more veggies. This added area I am working on now will be perfect for my sweet potatoes, and I am thinking winter squash and melons too may like this spot.
   I was happy to be actually gardening again like I am used to (I am from the upper midwest where we have excellent gardening soil)


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