Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art Sunday Fiber Art

Yesterday my neighbor friend and I went to a local outdoors art show held by the local art guild. I didn't want to say anything first but I was soooo disappointed in the quality of the art, it was like everyone was just learning-nothing wrong with that at all but I was expecting better.
I used to attend several arts and crafts shows and outdoor fine art shows all the time up in northern Illinois and the quality was superb. My friend is an artist in paints, pencils, and more and also in the needlecrafts; she said you know all these years that I have lived her now, I never thought I was good enough to be in the local art guild. and I was thinking of course you are good enough, and you could also teach as well.
That comment actually surprised me at first cause my friend excels in what she does, and then it got me to thinking more-is art - art if not shared? So good for all these artists that were proud of what they did and were happy to share and talk to people in this art exhibit.
So this was a good lesson for me--Art is what you make of it for yourself, and everyone interprets art in their own way-so next time I will work on not being so critical.

This morning I decided to share more fiber art, especially since I am enjoying my first crazy quilt block so much.

from here

from here you can get close up at this link too

from here

from here


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