Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Pretty Day Here in the Ozarks

I am so delighted to see my mimosa tree with flowers. Last year there were none, but this year my tree is loaded with flowers. I love their beauty and their perfume too. Now I can collect their leaves again to dry and use for a beautiful yellow dye again as well.
The grandpa otts morning glories are beginning to bloom as well

I talked Larry into taking me in to town today, he needed a few things too. I wanted a little bag of lime for this new garden area, which sits between oak trees and also has alot of composted straw and sawdust from some horse manure we got probably 5 years ago now. I also wanted a couple more bags of top soil and miracle grow's garden soil. The clerk informed me I just missed the sale on the miracle grow that was over the weekend-Oh no I said cause I have been waiting all spring for that to go back to the $5.00 sale price. We were in town saturday too, but my friend was fighting not feeling well so I didn't want to add another stop on saturday.
I also wanted to pick up a bag of cracked corn from the mfa store, and there I finally found some dipel too-an organic pesticide to control all those pesty worms that gets on tomatoes and cabbage plants etc. worked in all the lime already and watered it in as well. My lower back said no to more heavy work for right now-I did that 3 days in a row now-so need rest up my back. We got a steroid shot when he had our doctors check up last month and I think it really helps me from getting really down.
Remember those wonderful brass water nozzles? perhaps I am really aging myself here, but I love those-they work so well. I don't know why I ever switched over to those awful plastic ones. Well I have been watering my potted plants with a long greenhouse type nozzle which is really nice but it does not spray-and that's what I needed.
So after testing the plastic sprayers I had around that no longer worked I remembered that I knew I saw the other day a couple of those brass ones. Reason I quit using those I suppose was because it needed a new rubber washer-that's an easy fix cause Larry had one in his shop-yah!! So I was sooo happy to be using that again-love these simple little pleasures in life.
Mine is no longer shiny like this one since it is way over 30 years old now
Orbit 58044 4 Inch Brass Adjustable Water Hose Nozzle but these are just the best and never break either.

I also had one more container to fill that is in mostly shade. I checked out the plants and found french tarragon that said it likes the shade-so I will plant that after supper. I have never grown tarragon. How do you use this in cooking?? something I have always heard about but never used.
Any plans for memorial day?? We usually go to a small bbq here. This is one holiday I don't care for a major party affair but is nice to gather with friends.


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