Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TShirt Quilt Sewn Together & Rains

  I couldn't resist, so after a break I finished up sewing all the blocks and rows together of my tshirt quilt by 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday.
   It's big and it's heavy-lol  But I am going to love it. After supper I even started clipping those seams-which will make a big difference on how it feels-a little softer and a better "hand" to it.
  This part is always time consuming, I cut out the batting that is in the seams and then start clipping away. This actually goes easier than when I clipped all those blue jean quilts. To finish off the edges I always just sewed around the whole quilt and then clipped that too. But I am thinking I may consider putting a binding on instead-will figure that out this morning
   The weatherman has been telling us to be prepared for lots of rain and flooding-but since he has been saying that-we haven't gotton much rain at all.
  The rains did arrive here finally late afternoon yesterday and hasn't stopped yet. We'll probably get rain now for at least 48 hours-we really needed a good soaker and lots of rain to fill the new pond. A little thunder and lightening last night but not bad at all.
  Happy Wednesday--what are you all up to today??


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