Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Has Arrived for Sure Here in the Ozarks

The sun is a shining bright and we are to be close to the 80s all this week-and best of all for me, warm at night-in the 50s and 60s
We heat with wood only and so we have still needed to build a fire at night-but not this week. We have no heat in the bathroom so when its in the 20s and 30s that room gets pretty chilly-which means I can't work on the bathroom project. However, today is the day I can start putting up more rocks-the ones that are going around the tub area. With these warmer temps this week I am hoping to also start putting on the Thompsons water seal on the rocks in the shower. I will need several coats of this-you keep putting it on in layers til the rocks and mortar no longer soak it up.
I am considering not visiting my mom in Indiana this year til later in the year, so I can concentrate this spring and early summer on the bathroom project. My new readers-check my front page for the different photo albums of my rock shower.
I hand sewed so much over the weekend that my right hand up to my shoulder is not feeling so good this morning. I was pushing myself to get that quilt finished up over the weekend but need to take a day off on that.
I also started back on weaving the 4th towel-to give me a different motion for my body-I got to change it up now that I am older. I am also still putting the t shirt blocks together too. I have 20 finished and I have the next 20 ready to mark and stitch. I think I will be making this 8 (12") blocks across and 9 down-using the pattern layout I posted in my links for the raggy quilt pattern. So I need to make a few 6"x12" blocks-this makes for easier sewing of the rows-and I like the look too. Working on these blocks is bringing back memories-living in Denver, co, and lots of shirts from when Larry and I lived in Illinois for over 20 years, which includes my two favorite sweats that I almost wore out-I needed to patch them so I include them. This will be a very fun quilt when finished.
We are getting really low on propane so I need to call and check to see if the price is starting to come down yet. I usually need a fill in march or april-so no more baking in the ovens til I get more gas, and will probably start cooking dinners outside this week if not too windy. If not-will be making things in the crock pot to save on the propane. We are at 25% now and I like to fill at 30%, but when I called a month ago the price was almost 3.00 a gallon-I like to wait til it gets under 2.00 a gallon-which may not happen this year due to the high gas prices at the pump.
The song birds are coming back and getting more vocal too-I love their singing-and off in the distance a bit one can hear the woodpeckers. Soon the ponds will come alive with their critter sounds, and I can't wait to hear the whippoorwil again


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