Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Really Nice Day Today

This was a really nice day today for sure. The big garage sale that we go to is in the town's civic center-and pretty much kicks off the season ahead of garage sales. This area just loves their garage sales and resale shops.
This always is fun for neighbor Sandy and I to go to cause ya never know what we might discover for our art and crafts projects.
This year was kinda odd though-this is a flea market garage sale event, but there was very little "guy" stuff this year, and there were many many booths of jewelry-costume, and handmade jewelry. We also like to hit the "stamp lady's" booth first now-she is in the same spot every year-and she sells dolls, vintage items, scrapbook items and also lots of stamps at really good prices. This year she didn't have as many to choose from but I still came away with a nice one. Sandy found quite a few for her stash.
I ended up spending $6.00 at this sale-all those wool threads, the vintage card of beads and the stamp. We also went to the library's sale and I found this book all about handwovens-Sandy spotted it first and handed it to me-perfect for my collection and it was just $1.00
I just went thru the wool threads and there was about 6 or so of nylon thread so I will take that on up to the resale shop next time we go to sell.
We also hit the Aldi store cause they adveritsed lots of nice fresh veggies and fruits including .99 pineapples. We were very dissappointed though as the produce was not very nice. The pineapples looked to me like they had gotton frozen or too chilled. Was hoping they would have been nice so I could can up a batch-I love my canned pineapple.
Next up was lunch and then to Lowes so I could get several bags of top soil. I need to fill up the raised bed Larry made me and I needed to add some more soil into some of my big tubs. It rained for about an hour while we were in town-but when we got home-not a drop.
It sure smelled like rain so I went ahead and was able to fill up several of my tubs and plant them, and I had enough to fill up half of my raised bed-so I planted that too-we got a couple sprinkles-but sigh no rain--so I hand watered everything in-I had bought 4 plants of broccoli and 4 plants of brussel sprouts-so I got everything done til I buy more soil.
So a full day-but a very nice one. How was your saturday?? Now to figure out what we are eating for supper lol


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