Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quilt Progress

I didn't sleep much at all last night so I was up and down finishing up all the hand sewing on the gift quilt-and early this morning-it's done-yeh! I didn't even think of taking a photo afterwards, just so glad to have it finished. It's all wrapped up and ready for mailing. We finally found out our friends birthday is sometime in May-so will mail it out end of April.
Caught a couple cat naps this morning so I could manage to function today. I got 10 more of the tshirt quilt blocks finished up-so I have 30 completed now.
The photos by the vintage leather sewing machine are finished, and the pile on the desk is ready to sew. I think I will make up 50 of these, and then make up what I need for the 1/2 blocks and lay it out and see if I want another row or not.
The packer sweat shirt and the mickey mouse sweat shirt I have worn for over 20 years-they are so thin now they feel like a tshirt now-lol I needed to play around with patches for both of them. I may change up what I did on the mouse, not sure yet, and on the packer shirt the holes were towards the bottom there so I cut out the packer emblem and sewed in on so there will be extra hanging down from the seam-will clip that when I clip the seams.
and in the photo by the vintage sewing machine; that rug I made years and years ago, probably late 60s. I have never seen this method again that I used to make this. It was two strings, don't remember how I had that set up-and then you take scraps of fabric and tie them on the to the two strings-you end up with a long rope that you sew together into a rug- I liked it cause it was a shaggy rug
It was like a hot humid summer day today, and now the winds have picked up. Really not ready for this kind of heat yet-and last night while sewing-I discovered a large tick on me already from my hike in the woods-I really do not like those bugs at all, and this heat has brought in those pesky no seeums already (some kind of small nat type bug) So winter has left us here I do believe-although it is still March. But outside my window right now is a fat robin, and off in the distance a busy tailed squirrel is romping about too.
I am so glad now I did my gathering of more rocks yesterday-as it is too hot and humid to do that today, Nikita is even staying inside all day today too.
well enough ramblings on, if I can sleep tonight-I hope to be putting up some more rocks


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