Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miss Calico Kitty Understands Me when I Talk to Her

Larry built me this raised bed, it's inside the fence where we walk into our home and is in the large fenced in area where Nikita stays and calico kitty has moved in too since winter.
I added in lots of compost to both sections, waiting til I could get a ride to town to buy some top soil. It has been a couple weeks now set up like this and miss calico decided she liked sleeping in it and makes a great litter box too-lol I guess she thought we build it just for her.
Yesterday I filled up that one section and was just finishing up planting my seeds when she comes over to "inspect" and jump in. I looked at her-and said no, you can not come in here any more, it is my garden now. She jumped up on to the edge-and I looked at her and again said no, sorry you can not come in this box.
So she jumped off and laid down over by the wood pile. So just now I go outside and she is sleeping in the other section-she did not jump in and mess with my newly planted seeds.
Animals and also birds are very intelligent, and they do understand us when we talk with them, I know I have always been able talk with our pets. and when we raised exotic birds-amazing how smart and intelligent they are.


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