Sunday, March 11, 2012

Healthy Mondays Wild Spring Greens

wild edibles from here
Pretty soon alot of us will be able to begin foragin the wild spring greens and mushrooms. I love this time in the woods; as the bugs are not out yet, don't have to worry too much about the snakes yet, and the trees are not all greened out yet-so get a wide view of the woods.
If you have not been taught what is edible and what is not, please find a local neighbor to teach you-no experimenting please.
This is a nice post on the wild greens here and this one is really good too here This second link also includes recipes.

I found this recipe for Dandelion petal bread here

I found lots of recipes here at Epicurious using sorel, dandelion, and also spring greens from your garden
Another spring green I always look forward to is the wild violet. The greens can used like spinach and the flowers can be used in so many ways too. Here is a recipe for making the candied violets-I love these-here

and of course spring brings the wild mushrooms-can't wait to start looking for those. Here is Missouri's wild edible mushroom list here


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