Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art Sunday Picasso in Chicago

I remember when this was a big deal; getting the Picasso sculpture in Chicago. I have seen it in person when we happened to be in Chicago at different times. This type of art is not my favorite form but I do appreciate it-and have admired it looking at it from different angles.
Chicago's Picasso Sculpture
The Chicago Picasso, an unpainted, three-dimensional, cubist sculpture standing 50 feet tall and weighing 162 tons, is made of Corrosive Tensile ("Cor-Ten") steel, the same material used to build the Daley Center. The steel is designed to form a protective coating of iron oxide (rust) which protects the substrate from further corrosion. It is obvious, from examining the surface in 2007, nearly 40 years after installation, that this steel is eminently suited to an urban environment.
More photos and rest of the article here and another good article here with more facts and info.and here too
The Picasso


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