Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TShirt Quilt Sewn Together & Rains

  I couldn't resist, so after a break I finished up sewing all the blocks and rows together of my tshirt quilt by 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday.
   It's big and it's heavy-lol  But I am going to love it. After supper I even started clipping those seams-which will make a big difference on how it feels-a little softer and a better "hand" to it.
  This part is always time consuming, I cut out the batting that is in the seams and then start clipping away. This actually goes easier than when I clipped all those blue jean quilts. To finish off the edges I always just sewed around the whole quilt and then clipped that too. But I am thinking I may consider putting a binding on instead-will figure that out this morning
   The weatherman has been telling us to be prepared for lots of rain and flooding-but since he has been saying that-we haven't gotton much rain at all.
  The rains did arrive here finally late afternoon yesterday and hasn't stopped yet. We'll probably get rain now for at least 48 hours-we really needed a good soaker and lots of rain to fill the new pond. A little thunder and lightening last night but not bad at all.
  Happy Wednesday--what are you all up to today??

Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Rows Completed on Quilt

This is definately going to be a large quilt-I probably could have made this one block down less-but I wanted to use all the blocks I could. I do love a large quilt too. This will be fun to get thru the sewing machine-it's bulky but not as heavy as my patriotic king blue jean quilt was.

My T Shirt Quilt

I needed to get up and stretch from working at the sewing machine most of the day-so thought I would show you some photos.
This is stitching up pretty nice-you must have that special walking foot for this to work, or one of those new machines that has it built in already. I used a few sweatshirts and I also used 80/20 cotton batting so this is a very thick seam to get thru-those clips work so better than trying to pin it.
If you wanted your quilt to be lighter and not so thick you could use a thin polyester batting instead.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miss Calico Kitty Understands Me when I Talk to Her

Larry built me this raised bed, it's inside the fence where we walk into our home and is in the large fenced in area where Nikita stays and calico kitty has moved in too since winter.
I added in lots of compost to both sections, waiting til I could get a ride to town to buy some top soil. It has been a couple weeks now set up like this and miss calico decided she liked sleeping in it and makes a great litter box too-lol I guess she thought we build it just for her.
Yesterday I filled up that one section and was just finishing up planting my seeds when she comes over to "inspect" and jump in. I looked at her-and said no, you can not come in here any more, it is my garden now. She jumped up on to the edge-and I looked at her and again said no, sorry you can not come in this box.
So she jumped off and laid down over by the wood pile. So just now I go outside and she is sleeping in the other section-she did not jump in and mess with my newly planted seeds.
Animals and also birds are very intelligent, and they do understand us when we talk with them, I know I have always been able talk with our pets. and when we raised exotic birds-amazing how smart and intelligent they are.

Art Sunday Picasso in Chicago

I remember when this was a big deal; getting the Picasso sculpture in Chicago. I have seen it in person when we happened to be in Chicago at different times. This type of art is not my favorite form but I do appreciate it-and have admired it looking at it from different angles.
Chicago's Picasso Sculpture
The Chicago Picasso, an unpainted, three-dimensional, cubist sculpture standing 50 feet tall and weighing 162 tons, is made of Corrosive Tensile ("Cor-Ten") steel, the same material used to build the Daley Center. The steel is designed to form a protective coating of iron oxide (rust) which protects the substrate from further corrosion. It is obvious, from examining the surface in 2007, nearly 40 years after installation, that this steel is eminently suited to an urban environment.
More photos and rest of the article here and another good article here with more facts and info.and here too
The Picasso

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Really Nice Day Today

This was a really nice day today for sure. The big garage sale that we go to is in the town's civic center-and pretty much kicks off the season ahead of garage sales. This area just loves their garage sales and resale shops.
This always is fun for neighbor Sandy and I to go to cause ya never know what we might discover for our art and crafts projects.
This year was kinda odd though-this is a flea market garage sale event, but there was very little "guy" stuff this year, and there were many many booths of jewelry-costume, and handmade jewelry. We also like to hit the "stamp lady's" booth first now-she is in the same spot every year-and she sells dolls, vintage items, scrapbook items and also lots of stamps at really good prices. This year she didn't have as many to choose from but I still came away with a nice one. Sandy found quite a few for her stash.
I ended up spending $6.00 at this sale-all those wool threads, the vintage card of beads and the stamp. We also went to the library's sale and I found this book all about handwovens-Sandy spotted it first and handed it to me-perfect for my collection and it was just $1.00
I just went thru the wool threads and there was about 6 or so of nylon thread so I will take that on up to the resale shop next time we go to sell.
We also hit the Aldi store cause they adveritsed lots of nice fresh veggies and fruits including .99 pineapples. We were very dissappointed though as the produce was not very nice. The pineapples looked to me like they had gotton frozen or too chilled. Was hoping they would have been nice so I could can up a batch-I love my canned pineapple.
Next up was lunch and then to Lowes so I could get several bags of top soil. I need to fill up the raised bed Larry made me and I needed to add some more soil into some of my big tubs. It rained for about an hour while we were in town-but when we got home-not a drop.
It sure smelled like rain so I went ahead and was able to fill up several of my tubs and plant them, and I had enough to fill up half of my raised bed-so I planted that too-we got a couple sprinkles-but sigh no rain--so I hand watered everything in-I had bought 4 plants of broccoli and 4 plants of brussel sprouts-so I got everything done til I buy more soil.
So a full day-but a very nice one. How was your saturday?? Now to figure out what we are eating for supper lol

Song Saturay Shopping

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lemon Meringue Pie

I ended up making two of these, one for Mr. L's birthday and of course I made one for us too-lol This one is cooling down so it will either be a late snack or a piece for breakfast.
mmmmm a fresh pot of coffee sounds good too with this. Nite all

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Recap on my Rock Project in Bathroom

For my new readers I thought I would post a couple slideshows of the shower project. I was looking for the slideshow I had made when I first started this and when I went down to the bottoms, where I am going again, to gather rocks-but that one dissappeared on me. I made it before I knew about photobucket so my account must have gotton erased since I haven't used it for a long time now.
The shower is all finished now and I am working to the left of it now where the tub is. I started in 2007 so hopefull 2012 will be the completion date. We have some cool elements for this room too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quilt Progress

I didn't sleep much at all last night so I was up and down finishing up all the hand sewing on the gift quilt-and early this morning-it's done-yeh! I didn't even think of taking a photo afterwards, just so glad to have it finished. It's all wrapped up and ready for mailing. We finally found out our friends birthday is sometime in May-so will mail it out end of April.
Caught a couple cat naps this morning so I could manage to function today. I got 10 more of the tshirt quilt blocks finished up-so I have 30 completed now.
The photos by the vintage leather sewing machine are finished, and the pile on the desk is ready to sew. I think I will make up 50 of these, and then make up what I need for the 1/2 blocks and lay it out and see if I want another row or not.
The packer sweat shirt and the mickey mouse sweat shirt I have worn for over 20 years-they are so thin now they feel like a tshirt now-lol I needed to play around with patches for both of them. I may change up what I did on the mouse, not sure yet, and on the packer shirt the holes were towards the bottom there so I cut out the packer emblem and sewed in on so there will be extra hanging down from the seam-will clip that when I clip the seams.
and in the photo by the vintage sewing machine; that rug I made years and years ago, probably late 60s. I have never seen this method again that I used to make this. It was two strings, don't remember how I had that set up-and then you take scraps of fabric and tie them on the to the two strings-you end up with a long rope that you sew together into a rug- I liked it cause it was a shaggy rug
It was like a hot humid summer day today, and now the winds have picked up. Really not ready for this kind of heat yet-and last night while sewing-I discovered a large tick on me already from my hike in the woods-I really do not like those bugs at all, and this heat has brought in those pesky no seeums already (some kind of small nat type bug) So winter has left us here I do believe-although it is still March. But outside my window right now is a fat robin, and off in the distance a busy tailed squirrel is romping about too.
I am so glad now I did my gathering of more rocks yesterday-as it is too hot and humid to do that today, Nikita is even staying inside all day today too.
well enough ramblings on, if I can sleep tonight-I hope to be putting up some more rocks

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Has Arrived for Sure Here in the Ozarks

The sun is a shining bright and we are to be close to the 80s all this week-and best of all for me, warm at night-in the 50s and 60s
We heat with wood only and so we have still needed to build a fire at night-but not this week. We have no heat in the bathroom so when its in the 20s and 30s that room gets pretty chilly-which means I can't work on the bathroom project. However, today is the day I can start putting up more rocks-the ones that are going around the tub area. With these warmer temps this week I am hoping to also start putting on the Thompsons water seal on the rocks in the shower. I will need several coats of this-you keep putting it on in layers til the rocks and mortar no longer soak it up.
I am considering not visiting my mom in Indiana this year til later in the year, so I can concentrate this spring and early summer on the bathroom project. My new readers-check my front page for the different photo albums of my rock shower.
I hand sewed so much over the weekend that my right hand up to my shoulder is not feeling so good this morning. I was pushing myself to get that quilt finished up over the weekend but need to take a day off on that.
I also started back on weaving the 4th towel-to give me a different motion for my body-I got to change it up now that I am older. I am also still putting the t shirt blocks together too. I have 20 finished and I have the next 20 ready to mark and stitch. I think I will be making this 8 (12") blocks across and 9 down-using the pattern layout I posted in my links for the raggy quilt pattern. So I need to make a few 6"x12" blocks-this makes for easier sewing of the rows-and I like the look too. Working on these blocks is bringing back memories-living in Denver, co, and lots of shirts from when Larry and I lived in Illinois for over 20 years, which includes my two favorite sweats that I almost wore out-I needed to patch them so I include them. This will be a very fun quilt when finished.
We are getting really low on propane so I need to call and check to see if the price is starting to come down yet. I usually need a fill in march or april-so no more baking in the ovens til I get more gas, and will probably start cooking dinners outside this week if not too windy. If not-will be making things in the crock pot to save on the propane. We are at 25% now and I like to fill at 30%, but when I called a month ago the price was almost 3.00 a gallon-I like to wait til it gets under 2.00 a gallon-which may not happen this year due to the high gas prices at the pump.
The song birds are coming back and getting more vocal too-I love their singing-and off in the distance a bit one can hear the woodpeckers. Soon the ponds will come alive with their critter sounds, and I can't wait to hear the whippoorwil again

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Healthy Mondays Wild Spring Greens

wild edibles from here
Pretty soon alot of us will be able to begin foragin the wild spring greens and mushrooms. I love this time in the woods; as the bugs are not out yet, don't have to worry too much about the snakes yet, and the trees are not all greened out yet-so get a wide view of the woods.
If you have not been taught what is edible and what is not, please find a local neighbor to teach you-no experimenting please.
This is a nice post on the wild greens here and this one is really good too here This second link also includes recipes.

I found this recipe for Dandelion petal bread here

I found lots of recipes here at Epicurious using sorel, dandelion, and also spring greens from your garden
Another spring green I always look forward to is the wild violet. The greens can used like spinach and the flowers can be used in so many ways too. Here is a recipe for making the candied violets-I love these-here

and of course spring brings the wild mushrooms-can't wait to start looking for those. Here is Missouri's wild edible mushroom list here

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Art Sunday Illustrators during the Civil War

Since we continue with the anniversary of the American Civil War, I thought I would continue to post more pieces on the art during that time period.
I found a really excellent article to read on civil war art here I found the information about the illustrators that worked for the press very informative and interesting to read. The article is too long to copy and paste here, so if you enjoy reading about this history please check out the link.
One of the names mentioned in this article was William Waud "is particularly noted for his accuracy, and Harper's acclaimed him in 1865 as 'the most important artist-correspondent of the Civil War'"
Information about William and his brother Alfred here Alfred Waud was also an illustrator during the civil war.
some of William Waud's works:
Scene at the late reconnaisance at Morton Ford -(night)
Views on the Appomattox at Port Walthall
The battle of Darby Town Road
These photos were found with the library of congress here mixed in with his brother Alfred's works among others

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time Change

I keep forgetting that this move is now in march instead of april-change this weekend

Sharing Links for Green Crafting

In the new Mary Janes magazine she had a two page article on reycling clothes into new-well that sounds like something I would do right??-lol

So wanted to share some links she posted:

so check your closet for fun things to recycle into new, make a garmet new again, unravel those sweaters you no longer wear and crochet, knit, or weave into something new, and clothes that are too weathered to be worn can be recycled into quilts, rag rugs, pillow stuffing, even cleaning cloths.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Healthy Mondays Fiber

I hear and read this alot; most of us do not get enough fiber in our diets. So how can we add it?
I started back using psyllium and I love the brand Konsyl cause that is the only ingredient in the product and I can just add a teaspoon into my protein shake.
Links on psyllium here and here The second link explains some of the side effects-like bloating etc. and tips to minimize. It does take getting used to sometimes-so I start with half the amount per serving and work up to the full serving of the psyllium.

Foods with high fiber:
Highest Fiber Vegetables Avocado
Brussels sprouts*
Chick Peas/Garbanzo Beans
Greens -- collards, kale, turnip greens*
Lima beans
Potato with skin
Pumpkin, canned
Peas -- black-eyed peas, green peas
Sweet Potatoes

These high-fiber vegetables are also goitrogenic, meaning that they promote thyroid enlargement and can potentially cause or aggravate hypothyroidism. Typically, the risk is highest when these foods are consumed raw, regularly, and in substantial quantity. Cooking eliminates most goitrogenic properties.
Highest Fiber FruitsApples
Berries -- Blueberies, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc.
Dried Fruits -- Figs, Raisins, Apricots, Dates, etc.

Other High Fiber Foods
Bran Cereals, 5-10 grams - All-Bran, Bran Buds, 100% Bran, Raisin Bran
Bread, whole grain
Beans, Lentils, Lima Beans
Nuts -- Almonds, Brazil nuts, Peanuts, Walnuts, Cashews

from here

So how much fiber do we need, and why do we need it?? Answers from webmd here and from Livestrong here and here too

Friday, March 2, 2012

Song Saturday Changes

A little different music for me but this just popped into my head when I was thinking of a song.


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