Sunday, February 5, 2012

So Far my Dye Project did not Work-sigh

After over 8 hours spent with the process-I have no color-sigh
To dye natural materials on cotton one must do a long mordant process first. I use the method from earth hues which is actually a shorter process and usually works better than the old alum and tanin technique. I still had about 4 hours in the mordant process though, which I usually do one day and then dye the next day.
The day was gloomy this morning so I thought I would just play today. I had done alot of reading on dyeing with the red cabbage; from the new book I have, and I also found a blog entry on how pleased the author was with the results. I wrote her to ask how colorfast it was, and after 4 years hers was still beautiful.
When I simmered out the red cabbage I had a very pretty blue in the water, but when I put the fabric in-nothing happened. after the 30 minutes, I did get a pale green-well that's not what I wanted. With this dye you can play around with the ph to get the color you want. If you add salt it should get more blue and if you add vinegar it should turn pink; but in the first 30 minutes I should have gotton a gorgeous lavender.
well I added the salt and nothing happened, so with nothing to lose I added in vinegar-wow the water turned a gorgeous violet and turned my fabric white-wow this is really different-lol sooo I decided to just let the whole pot set overnight and see what develops.
This really puzzles me cause I know I used a pure cotton muslin, I scoured the fabric first and then went thru the whole mordant process-and then made up the dye bath. I used my own well water which could be a problem but that can get fixed by changing the ph. the red cabbage was bought from the grocery store-looked really nice, but perhaps not fresh enough.
oh well, this is my only failure with natural dyes so far, unless I get a surprise tomorrow morning.
The photo is what it looks like now after I added in the vinegar, you can see the pretty dye water, and my fabric is now white again-lol


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