Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quilt Ideas Popping in my Head

Bummer, I woke up early again this morning around 2:30 am, when I do that I rarely go back to sleep. So I came in the living room and got that wood stove going (we were in the 20s last night) and read thru my rug hooking books again.
Last year I went thru all of my long time best loved t shirst and sweat shirts and cut out bit squares from them-12 1/2". I have all my Bulls shirts from when Michael Jordan played in Chicago, lots of green bay packer shirts, my orange crush t shirt from the denver broncos back in the late 70s, and bird shirts from our business and much more. I have plenty to make a pretty large size quilt.
I have had it put away, cause most of the directions say one must use interfacing on all of the pieces-for ease of sewing, do to the stretchiness of the knits. However I just really do not want to that. Those interfacings take away the softness of the shirts, and it would cost alot of money to buy all that interfacing too. So for the last year I have been thinking of ways to sew these blocks without doing that. I have also seen articles online where they carefully sew the knits together with out the added bulk of the interfacing. I think also the problem of machine quilting could pose a problem as well, due to the stretchiness.
So anyways the last couple mornings when I woke up in the middle of the night-was to sew these blocks together style. Like when I sewed up all those raggy jeans and flannel quilts. This would also take care of the quilting problem as well.
To sew these squares you layer them-the back piece, batting, and the top piece and then sew a big X on the square-to "quilt" it. Then you just join these blocks together as big and as long as you want. I am thinking this would use up lots of these t shirt squares I have cut out and by using a special walking foot, should be able to get this together with no interfacing-I need to do a test square on a really stretchy piece and see how it goes.
The guys are checking out the gun show this morning, they went last week and discovered it was today instead. Later this afternoon, several locals go down and jump in the cold river and then have lots of food afterwards. I am definately not jumping in-but may go this year to watch. We have full sunshine, no wind now, and will get to 50 degrees so will actually be "warm" for them this year.
I am off to finish watching my quilt shows on pbs this morning-and then try out my "theory"
Happy weekend everyone


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