Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Quilt Block Sample

This went together really nice-the bottom photo is of the spray I had left over. My mom bought it for me probably 5 years ago, something she used alot when putting together baby charity quilts. I was not so crazy about it, but worked great for this project.
I did put my walking foot on the machine; the only way to sew together three layers like this.
I started out with big X and then decided to do two more lines, so there is lots of quilting in this now on the edges to keep it from stretching. The photo is the back side of this piece-I see now I missed cleaning off a stray thread on the bottom
I started out with the quilting foot-but decided I want this project to go fast, get finished, so it's completed, we are using it, and one more scratched off my list-lol I am determined to get my projects in process finished and if I no longer want to make them, they are going to the resale shop.
This spray will probably be all gone in the fabric in a couple days, so I can sew a few blocks together and see how I like this. I used 80/20 cotton poly batting, as I want this quilt to stay mostly cotton. Hopefully this will not end up super heavy with the quilting and when washed will be a bit fluffy too.
But so far I am pleased how this first one went together, and I am not buying stabilizer, but I will need another can of this spray, and I am using t shirst on the top and the bottom-so no backing to purchase.


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