Sunday, February 19, 2012

Healthy Mondays Greek Yogurt

My new favorite yogurt, besides my own homemade, is greek yogurt. I love it cause its thicker and just yummier. So just what is it that makes greek yogurt?

I found this very informative article comparing regular yogurt to greek here One thing I did not realize is that the greek although higher in proteins and other good things is higher in cholesterol than the regular. Choosing either yogurt with the lower fat and no sugars added are the always the best choices.
When I first started reading labels more closely about 15 years ago, I was amazed how much sugar is added to alot of those tiny cups of yogurts. I always buy plain and low fat or no fat yogurts now. I find it very important to read the labels on yogurts-to make sure no added thickeners and things are added that you do not need or want.
The greek yogurt is excellent to replace mayonaise and sour cream in many recipes. It is also more heat stable than regular yogurt. You can also make your own greek style yogurt from plain yogurt that you put in a strainer over a bowl overnight in the frig, all the excess liquid will drain out and you will be left with a thick yogurt.
If you do not use dairy, you could make yogurt from other sources-like almond milk, soy milk and such and buy a culture from your health food store that is not from dairy. I used to make soy yogurt all the time and it is really good.
found a recipe for creamy orange vanilla ice pops here
Creamy Orange-Vanilla Ice Pops recipe
Here is a nice assortment of recipes using greek yogurt. I especially liked the chocolate frosting to use on cupcakes. recipes here


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