Monday, February 6, 2012

Ended up with Soft Greens on Muslin

This was my first total failure with dyes (see previous post) so I wrote to a professional natural dyer over on blogger whom I follow. Helen lives  in Wales. You can read her comment here
We also wrote up and back by email as well, and she has written a few books that she has self published. One of her accomplishments are inks that she makes herself. She said she makes an original cover with her inks for each of the books she sells. I hadn't realized she also had written books on the subject. I think I would like to buy her book on eco dyeing which is alot of solar dyeing and such.
Anyways she was pretty much of the same opinion that I had read in many articles that red cabbage was not a sustainable dye. Here are links to her sites:
I have learned so much from following her blogspot.
This morning I emptied out the pot, rinsed out the fabric, and decided to use up the rest of the cabbage with the fabric in the water, to perhaps "catch" the color better. Of course still no color after the 30 minutes of simmering, even with adding in more mordant to the dye pot. So, I always have brown onion skins on hand that I save, so I added a cup of those, along with some vinegar and simmered another 15 minutes or so. I ended up with a very soft spring green. Not what I wanted but at least I got color on fabric for all my efforts and time-lol

This is kind of a yellow green which I am not real thrilled over but could be a good base for other projects-such as over dyeing with sun paints.


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