Saturday, February 4, 2012


The eggrolls turned out pretty delicious, considering we have not done this in at least 20 years.
For the filling I used a half of a cabbage that I sliced thin, celery cabbage-a whole stalk sliced thin, portobello mushrooms-chopped, bamboo shoots sliced in small pieces, broccoli tops only chopped, sweet red peppers-the little ones-chopped thin, and I added a little shredded fresh ginger too. I split this in half and we added tiny shrimps to one, and sauted fresh pork to the other one.
I had a feeling we might have trouble with the skins, as I remembered we sometimes do-especially using brown rice flour-everything has to be just right for the skins to work. I made the mistake of buying brown rice flour but I couldn't find any white rice flour when I was out shopping.
I could make the rice flour at home but I didn't want an added thing to do. so the guys were able to make enough skins for me to have the gluten free egg rolls, and I switched over to making the unbleached white flour skin batter-those worked much better. We got to thinking afterwards that there is not enough starch in the brown rice flour for this-and we always did use the white rice flour. so lesson learned.
for sauces we had chinese hot mustard, duck sauce, soy sauce, my wild plum sauce, and I had picked up some hot wasabi mustard too. so we had flavors for everyone's tastes.
we had a raw veggie with dip platter for munchies while making the egg rolls, and one person brought fried rice.
So it was a fun afternoon, with good eats, and everyone had a fun time.


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