Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can't Mess with Mother Nature

Around midnight last night-tornados and storms hit all over Missouri. Woke up to a phone call around 6 am this morning; a friend who went to work at Tracker Boats in Lebanon called to say he found tornado and golf ball hail damage everywhere at his work siteso everyone was sent home. Boats thrown every where. That end of town is our Wal mart store-haven't heard yet what kind of damage they had.
Branson was hit very hard, in Buffalo the tornado went right thru a trailor park there. Also tomorrow is opening trout season here at Bennett Springs-a really big deal, and they showed a nearby camping area had gottont damaged pretty bad-campers upside down.
I was up at midnight with our Nikita (she does not like storms) and I heard lots and lots of strong winds here go thru, but glad to say no damage right here where I live.
These storms are now traveling thru arkansas tennessee and more-so please stay safe. There is also a major snow storm developing now in the upper midwest-dakotas-minnesota, wisconsin and more
My hubby always says-we can't mess with mother nature.
stay safe everyone


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