Monday, January 2, 2012

Rose Parade Watching and Quilt Update

I love the rose parade, especially now with HD and I watch it on the home and garden channel so there are absolutely no commercials which I love.
I have the quilt layered on the floor in front of the tv and wood stove, so I will be basting this up today. I really like the way this one turned out. Alot of the outdoor quilt fabric prints are the same, but the shirts are all different and am really pleased with the colors and layout. I also have many of the shirt tags in this on too, and this one I did not add any more borders to, so will be a full size-easier and faster to complete.
I want to try out my new gluten free bread pan so may do that this afternoon. I have one more mix left of the french bread so would like to get that used up. We are very cold today, in the teens and 20s-a big change from the temperatures we have been spoiled with.
I am kinda anxious to see how the republican caucus turns out tomorrow. and I am pleased to see Rick Santorum gaining in the polls. I watched him on one of the debates a month ago, and was very impressed with him-I feel he is a true conservative, and has been un noticed by the press-which could be a good thing-as they mess everything up they report most times anyways-lol
Haven't decided what to make for supper yet-but I know we are having bread-lol Happy Monday!


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