Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos of my Progress on Weaving and Such for Hump Day Handmade

I hadn't gotton back to my weaving since around end of October. I had major cleaning to do, some canning, making up the wedding quilt etc, so was happy to be able to sit back down at my loom.
The other day I finished up the third towel and I started on the 4th one.For my new readers, these will be kitchen or hand towels made from cotton. I went thru my old Handwoven magazines and found this pattern that I really love. The author says it is from the Viking era.
I used a heavier yarn for the stripe on this one, and decided I didn't like it. Soooo I took all that out, and put in a white stripe-which this yarn is a little too thin, which I knew, but will work. So this towel will be woven with brown and have the white stripe on either end. Each towel I have been changing the colors of the weft. The towls will all be different but will all match cause they all have the same warp thread.
Soon after I took this photo I broke a warp thread, so I mended that and will see how this goes. I think I am into the warp now that was really a mess to straighten out-so will see how fragile these yarns are now. With the mess I had with this warp in the beginning I am thankful to have gotton the 3 towels woven so far. If all goes well for sure there will be enough warp for 5 towels total, perhaps a 6th one.
I also am sharing a photo of the hand quilting, and progress being made on the rug hooking too. I haven't had the time to get back on this rug either for awhile. I have everything sitting out near the loom, so I just grab what I feel like working on now. The background is almost finished, and then to hook the border and sew that binding down-steam press and it will be finished. I think this piece will fit nicely on an antique little bench I have. The wool in this project is all from wool clothes at the resale shops that I felt down and cut into strips. I really enjoy the process of being frugal and going greener with these projects.


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