Sunday, January 1, 2012

My January !st of the New Year

I got the quilt top finished, and I have the backing of cotton muslin in the dryer now. So, when that gets dry need to iron it, sew up the two pieces and layer and baste the quilt. If I stay on track I can get this on the quilt frame and start tieing it like I did the last couple quilts I have made like this.
and then I can start in ernest to make up quilts for us. I may make one like this for us, and also would like to get my t shirt quilt going-those are of the bulls and packers mostly, and also my other quilt projects that have been put on hold.
We still have very high winds here today, but considering the time of year it is can't complain-if the weather keeps up like it is we will be needing to mow grass here. and my rosemary plant is even still growing and looks alive and well-a hard freeze has usually killed it off every winter by now.
My rice dish was a hit last night, and I still had some left over to bring home-so that will go nicely with the black eyed peas that I just started to cook, and will steam up some cabbage too. These are the two things all the locals here cook up on New Years Day. I need all the help we can get-lol for an awesome 2012-I even like the sound of 2012 much better than 2011 so hoping things turn around for us and we can get our propertry sold.
Nikita and I took a nice walk, lovely with the sunshine. I am waiting for the broncos game to start this afternoon, they didn't show the Packer game here today at noon-which is ok, as I found out on the nfl channel that they were starting any of their key players today.
Happy New Year Day everyone!


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