Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Lasagna to go with My Homemade Bread

I had bought some Kraft brand ricotta cheese ( a new product for down here) to make up lasagna with. I used one of our venison-pork sausages for the meat, and used Classico's 4 cheese sauce for the sauce along with some sharp cheddar cheese (I didn't have any mozarella defrosted). It definately smells wonderful already.
According to King Arthur Flour, they like this size pan better for gluten free yeast breads. The taller sides is to give the bread better structure. King Arthur makes this pan, and I do like it: it is a high quality heavy pan. The bread just fell right out of the pan. I almost put the bread back in to brown the sides a bit more, but decided I did not want the bread to dry out on me. It looks pretty though-so anxious for it to cool so I steel a slice-lol
The gluten free breads go stale really fast, must faster than gluten based home baked breads. They suggest to slice, wrap and freeze right away as soon as the bread is totally cooled.
Still the high winds here, so with the 30 degree temps, Nikita and I had a cold walk in the woods today. Our cat, Calico, is definately cracking me up. After 7 years here, she has decided to jump over the fence and spend time with Nikita not. They actually get along really well and Larry has caught Calico sleeping curled up next to Nikita-I need to see if I can catch a photo of that.
Early in the morning, Nikita knocks on the door for her treat, and of course Calico is right there trying to get in the house. Later when I was carrying wood for the wood stoves-I had to tell Calico no several times that she can not come in. Nikita decided she was not listening, so put her foot on Calico so she couldn't try to run in lol animal are just so intelligent if we only take the time to notice.


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