Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Stuff

Just finished watching the Bachelor, the drama is starting to heat up-lol This is interesting to see all the personalities develop, and there are a couple girls I hadn't thought of that may work out for Ben. I still like the girl he had the first date with the best though-I think she is from the south.
Finally a sunny day, very windy here still-but at least no tornadoes in Missouri-they went east and south of us last night. I was up til 1 am last night due to the sounds of the very high winds here.
Soooo, got my exercise today-hauled in and stacked 8 wheel barrel fulls of fire wood for the two wood stoves. Nikita and I took a nice long walk in the woods too. Got more done on my hooked rug, and we figured out the program I was typing the poems into. Just have one more detail to work out-then it's ready for the copyright office once I hear back from the college.
Oh and a nice surprise this morning-I sold all my 1960's knitting needles on etsy. I just put them in my shop over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised they sold already. I took up knitting back then, and just didn't really care for it-too complicated for me to figure out the increase and decrease when making clothes. So I was happy they found a good home.
I am thinking I will make up a couple batches of soap tomorrow. I just bought a heart mold that I think makes up 4 ounce bars-so thinking of making a batch red, and the other batch white-no colors-using all natural shea butter, and perhaps the red with all natural goats milk-will decide tomorrow-valentines day is coming up-so wanted a couple things in my shop.
I am also thinking of trying out a new natural dye-with pomegranates. I read about it on one of my natural dye sites-I was given four that didn't look so good to eat so tossed them in the freezer for a dye project.
We are so dry here-with hardly any snow or rain in december and january-but they say now that wednesday we may get a heavy dose of rain-which will be a good thing. I am always concerned over forest fires when he get this dry.
When we lived in Illinois we always held several food parties each year-sometimes we had 50 or more people attend-these are so much fun.
One thing we haven't done for a long time is hold an eggroll making party. We like to do this with 4 to 6 people. Larry has a very old Japanese recipe for making the skins from scratch-which takes alot of time-but oh so good. So I need to make up a list of ingredients that we need. thinking of doing this for super bowl sunday-eggroll making and eating-and not watch the super bowl-lol maybe a peak at the new commercials though.
Guess that's all the doings for me at this time-Have a great new week everyone.


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