Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Sunday Clowns

clowns found with google search for photos clowns

Clowns faces to me are just another art form.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Stuff

Just finished watching the Bachelor, the drama is starting to heat up-lol This is interesting to see all the personalities develop, and there are a couple girls I hadn't thought of that may work out for Ben. I still like the girl he had the first date with the best though-I think she is from the south.
Finally a sunny day, very windy here still-but at least no tornadoes in Missouri-they went east and south of us last night. I was up til 1 am last night due to the sounds of the very high winds here.
Soooo, got my exercise today-hauled in and stacked 8 wheel barrel fulls of fire wood for the two wood stoves. Nikita and I took a nice long walk in the woods too. Got more done on my hooked rug, and we figured out the program I was typing the poems into. Just have one more detail to work out-then it's ready for the copyright office once I hear back from the college.
Oh and a nice surprise this morning-I sold all my 1960's knitting needles on etsy. I just put them in my shop over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised they sold already. I took up knitting back then, and just didn't really care for it-too complicated for me to figure out the increase and decrease when making clothes. So I was happy they found a good home.
I am thinking I will make up a couple batches of soap tomorrow. I just bought a heart mold that I think makes up 4 ounce bars-so thinking of making a batch red, and the other batch white-no colors-using all natural shea butter, and perhaps the red with all natural goats milk-will decide tomorrow-valentines day is coming up-so wanted a couple things in my shop.
I am also thinking of trying out a new natural dye-with pomegranates. I read about it on one of my natural dye sites-I was given four that didn't look so good to eat so tossed them in the freezer for a dye project.
We are so dry here-with hardly any snow or rain in december and january-but they say now that wednesday we may get a heavy dose of rain-which will be a good thing. I am always concerned over forest fires when he get this dry.
When we lived in Illinois we always held several food parties each year-sometimes we had 50 or more people attend-these are so much fun.
One thing we haven't done for a long time is hold an eggroll making party. We like to do this with 4 to 6 people. Larry has a very old Japanese recipe for making the skins from scratch-which takes alot of time-but oh so good. So I need to make up a list of ingredients that we need. thinking of doing this for super bowl sunday-eggroll making and eating-and not watch the super bowl-lol maybe a peak at the new commercials though.
Guess that's all the doings for me at this time-Have a great new week everyone.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Love my new Mittens

I am happy with these, I made them nice and long so they will fit under my coat sleaves, and the ribbing stretches a bit when I wear them-and I get a good fit. I don't think these need the blanket stitch edging. what do you think?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mmmmmm I Think a cup of Hot Chocolate Sounds Good Tonight

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate
Along with a piece of homemade fudge lol

A Little Winter Here

When you live in a rural area, the winter air is so clean and refreshing. I guess we have ice under the snow, and we have the arctic blast of air that they have been promising. Not alot of snow here just a couple of inches but with the high winds and the ice underneath all the schools here are closed.
Soooo one of the big advantages of being retired is to just stay cozy and warm inside, work on little projects-and enjoy the view. We have lots of birds at the feeders, and will watch today for deer browsing for food in the backyard. Perhaps we will get a glimpse of a fox or other wildlife that lives here in the woods with us.
Yesterday when Larry was working at the computer he saw an eagle fly by here-cool
Enjoy your thursday

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos of my Progress on Weaving and Such for Hump Day Handmade

I hadn't gotton back to my weaving since around end of October. I had major cleaning to do, some canning, making up the wedding quilt etc, so was happy to be able to sit back down at my loom.
The other day I finished up the third towel and I started on the 4th one.For my new readers, these will be kitchen or hand towels made from cotton. I went thru my old Handwoven magazines and found this pattern that I really love. The author says it is from the Viking era.
I used a heavier yarn for the stripe on this one, and decided I didn't like it. Soooo I took all that out, and put in a white stripe-which this yarn is a little too thin, which I knew, but will work. So this towel will be woven with brown and have the white stripe on either end. Each towel I have been changing the colors of the weft. The towls will all be different but will all match cause they all have the same warp thread.
Soon after I took this photo I broke a warp thread, so I mended that and will see how this goes. I think I am into the warp now that was really a mess to straighten out-so will see how fragile these yarns are now. With the mess I had with this warp in the beginning I am thankful to have gotton the 3 towels woven so far. If all goes well for sure there will be enough warp for 5 towels total, perhaps a 6th one.
I also am sharing a photo of the hand quilting, and progress being made on the rug hooking too. I haven't had the time to get back on this rug either for awhile. I have everything sitting out near the loom, so I just grab what I feel like working on now. The background is almost finished, and then to hook the border and sew that binding down-steam press and it will be finished. I think this piece will fit nicely on an antique little bench I have. The wool in this project is all from wool clothes at the resale shops that I felt down and cut into strips. I really enjoy the process of being frugal and going greener with these projects.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Art Sunday The Wolf Moon

Since this is the wolf moon, and I love full moons-I am searching for paintings this morning. And please visit our host Nemo to take the full art sunday tour.
I found this one ebay here

from here

from here

from here

below from here

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Kind of Teapot are You! A Blog Thing

You Are Measured
You believe in moderation, and you're pretty good at practicing it too. You avoid all extremes.
You try to live a sustainable life. You believe in conserving both your energy and your resources.

You're the type of person who puts a pot of tea on when you need some energy. You don't depend on it, but it gives you a boost.
Your signature tea: green tea - any and all kinds

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mmmmm Pie Anyone?

In the front we have apple raisin pie made the traditional way but no sugar (sugar substitute), and to the back we have my gluten free version apple cranberry pie that I sweetened mine with honey. I am pleased with the crust too-it gets its pretty color from the ground almonds and brown rice flour.
I think this calls for a fresh pot of coffee.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Lasagna to go with My Homemade Bread

I had bought some Kraft brand ricotta cheese ( a new product for down here) to make up lasagna with. I used one of our venison-pork sausages for the meat, and used Classico's 4 cheese sauce for the sauce along with some sharp cheddar cheese (I didn't have any mozarella defrosted). It definately smells wonderful already.
According to King Arthur Flour, they like this size pan better for gluten free yeast breads. The taller sides is to give the bread better structure. King Arthur makes this pan, and I do like it: it is a high quality heavy pan. The bread just fell right out of the pan. I almost put the bread back in to brown the sides a bit more, but decided I did not want the bread to dry out on me. It looks pretty though-so anxious for it to cool so I steel a slice-lol
The gluten free breads go stale really fast, must faster than gluten based home baked breads. They suggest to slice, wrap and freeze right away as soon as the bread is totally cooled.
Still the high winds here, so with the 30 degree temps, Nikita and I had a cold walk in the woods today. Our cat, Calico, is definately cracking me up. After 7 years here, she has decided to jump over the fence and spend time with Nikita not. They actually get along really well and Larry has caught Calico sleeping curled up next to Nikita-I need to see if I can catch a photo of that.
Early in the morning, Nikita knocks on the door for her treat, and of course Calico is right there trying to get in the house. Later when I was carrying wood for the wood stoves-I had to tell Calico no several times that she can not come in. Nikita decided she was not listening, so put her foot on Calico so she couldn't try to run in lol animal are just so intelligent if we only take the time to notice.

Rose Parade Watching and Quilt Update

I love the rose parade, especially now with HD and I watch it on the home and garden channel so there are absolutely no commercials which I love.
I have the quilt layered on the floor in front of the tv and wood stove, so I will be basting this up today. I really like the way this one turned out. Alot of the outdoor quilt fabric prints are the same, but the shirts are all different and am really pleased with the colors and layout. I also have many of the shirt tags in this on too, and this one I did not add any more borders to, so will be a full size-easier and faster to complete.
I want to try out my new gluten free bread pan so may do that this afternoon. I have one more mix left of the french bread so would like to get that used up. We are very cold today, in the teens and 20s-a big change from the temperatures we have been spoiled with.
I am kinda anxious to see how the republican caucus turns out tomorrow. and I am pleased to see Rick Santorum gaining in the polls. I watched him on one of the debates a month ago, and was very impressed with him-I feel he is a true conservative, and has been un noticed by the press-which could be a good thing-as they mess everything up they report most times anyways-lol
Haven't decided what to make for supper yet-but I know we are having bread-lol Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My January !st of the New Year

I got the quilt top finished, and I have the backing of cotton muslin in the dryer now. So, when that gets dry need to iron it, sew up the two pieces and layer and baste the quilt. If I stay on track I can get this on the quilt frame and start tieing it like I did the last couple quilts I have made like this.
and then I can start in ernest to make up quilts for us. I may make one like this for us, and also would like to get my t shirt quilt going-those are of the bulls and packers mostly, and also my other quilt projects that have been put on hold.
We still have very high winds here today, but considering the time of year it is can't complain-if the weather keeps up like it is we will be needing to mow grass here. and my rosemary plant is even still growing and looks alive and well-a hard freeze has usually killed it off every winter by now.
My rice dish was a hit last night, and I still had some left over to bring home-so that will go nicely with the black eyed peas that I just started to cook, and will steam up some cabbage too. These are the two things all the locals here cook up on New Years Day. I need all the help we can get-lol for an awesome 2012-I even like the sound of 2012 much better than 2011 so hoping things turn around for us and we can get our propertry sold.
Nikita and I took a nice walk, lovely with the sunshine. I am waiting for the broncos game to start this afternoon, they didn't show the Packer game here today at noon-which is ok, as I found out on the nfl channel that they were starting any of their key players today.
Happy New Year Day everyone!


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