Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wow It's the Weekend Already? lol

This week seems to have just flown by for me. I think it's because I am sewing several hours every day on the binding of this quilt-and I am still not finished. I now have one long side left and part of another-so should be able to get done this weekend and in the mail on monday.

This morning I finished up making a few handmade cards. Some of you are on my list. Perhaps this spring we'll do another handmade card swap-these really are so much fun to create.

I need to get a couple things off in the mail monday too, and I have a soap order I will be making on monday on tuesday.

I really don't have much to do for the holidays, but I always do seem to be busy too. and that's ok-I love have things to do.

I am wanting to bake us up some holiday goodies for us, and just a few to giveaway this year. I always take up a big tray to our little post office here-they are like family to us thru out the year. Peanut brittle is a must as long as I get a sunny day next week, and I want to make a steamed plum pudding this year for something different.

Well, I better find me something to eat, and start back on the sewing-later


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