Thursday, December 29, 2011

Only Around 750 More of These to Make-lol

I finished up with the quilt top except to add the border. I need 4 inch square pieces to go in the corners, and was hoping to find some Green Bay Packer fabric for those this morning, when I go into town. Wal mart added back in a very small fabric area so hoping they might have a piece.
I have been working on cutting the 1 1/2" fabric strips to make that double nine patch pattern I posted awhile back. I have all my scraps cut up now, hoping I have enough, and just had to sew a couple strips together to see how it all works I have never done this before, but the newer sewing method is to sew the strips together and then cut into pieces the size one needs-in my case 1 1/2" when I sew three of these together I will have 9 little squares that will make up into a 9" block. Now when my mom made this same quilt in august when the pattern came out, she cut each of these little squares seperately and sewed it all together that way.
I have a problem with total accuracy on something that small, but she loves making quilts with lots of little pieces.
This is my first attempt though at working with blocks this small. Aren't they cute? I had to show Larry these little guys, and he says you know you just love the simple stuff-yeh that's me lol
I will need to work on sewing these up a few hours a day to accomplish the task though, as I need alot of these pieces, over 750. I need over five hundred put together this way and then around 200 or so with two lights on the outside and a strip of dark material in the middle.
I just hope I have enough fabric strips, if not I will be going thru my fabric stash to cut up more.
Wow we will be the 60s today and tommrow-how cool is that for the end of december?? I love it
Catch ya all later


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