Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hump Day Handmade-Christmas from Recycled

The last few years I have made all my cards that I send out thru the year, a wonderful creativity activity and I felt good mailing them out.
This year at the resale shop; I ran into a box of vintage made in the USA Hallmark Christmas cards-that I decided to mail out this year. They were very pretty, there was a dozen in the box. I need to make up a few more to mail out though.
I use what I have around to make cards, a nice way to be creative and be greener at the same time-I love recycling and repurposing into something new. Find scraps of card stock or cardboard from cereal boxes etc, find scraps of ribbons, fabrics, make stamps-the sky is the limit for making a card.
great ideas here cards, little boxes, garland etc
Christmas card ideas here
craft ideas from Tipnut for Christmas here
from Planet Green here
lots of Christmas crafts here
We always made a few handmade items when I was growing up. Either candles to give as gifts, food goodies, or ornaments for the tree and around the house. I still enjoy creating something from found materials for the holidays.
Have some fun creating!


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