Monday, December 5, 2011

Gluten Free Fried Chicken

I have stepped up my gluten free baking and cooking this month. I have read my two new books from cover to cover now (check my reviews) and instead of doing with out I am adventuring into tackling more gluten free baking especially am ready to try some breads-not using mixes. I had gotton myself into relying on bread and cake gf mixes this past year, and I want to get away from that. I can make the end products healthier for us, and it is also so much cheaper to bake gluten free from scratch.
So today for some reason I decided to explore gluten free fried chicken. I am not one to do much of anything fried, but thought perhaps once in awhile it might be fun.
Making Gluten Free Fried Chicken
I found a recipe with lots of photos here, that I like the sound of .
and I found this baked version using potato flakes-I love that idea-here I wish there was a photo for this one-I just bought some Bob's Red Mill potato flakes for mixing into my gf bread baking mix, so I have that on hand already.
Just a note if you are new to buying all the flours and starches needed for gluten free baking-most health food stores unless they sell bulk, are just too expensive. If you can find a good one that sells bulk and Bob's Red Mill-that's a great find! Otherwise, alot of better grocery stores have an organic health food aisle if you live in a larger city, if so ask them if they can bring in Bob's Red Mill products if they don't have them already. My Super Wal Mart here now has a gluten free section, so I am able to buy a few items like the sorghum flour there. I also recently discovered that Amazon groceries online can be an excellent source-expecially if it qualitfys for free shipping after the $25.00 spent. compare prices there. Amazon has been a great source for me since I live out here in the woods, not close to any better grocery stores.


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