Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We will be having a warm up with sunshine for the next few days, before it goes back to "normal" weather-cold and dreary. I feel for all of you that are getting a pounding with rains and wind-stay safe and warm.

Yesterday my friend and I had a resale shop browsing day. We both had a box to drop off-I had a few christmas items that I really wanted to get dropped off, so was a nice day. I wasn't looking to purchase anything but I did come away with a couple small items. I was aggravated at myself though.

I needed a couple holiday trays to pass out my homemade goodies in-so I found a glass christmas plate for a dollar, and then I picked up a plastic snowman dish too. When I went to wash them, the plastic one had a really long sticky spot that just would not come off. I think was there before the resale shop sticker went on-cause theirs comes off real easy.

Soo, I used some of that stuff to get sticky stuff like this off, thinking first maybe I should not use cause this was plastic-but went ahead and did it. wow what a mess-it destroyed the plate-so had to throw it away.

Then, I had purchased two little coffee mugs for .50 each, that were made in Japan and they were just the right size when I want a small cup of coffee or tea. I wasn't going to buy them, cause I don't have room for them, but then I knew I would regret not buying them so I bought them. lol Well I warmed up some water in one of them in the microwave for tea-and wow the whole inside of the cup has all those crack lines now under the glaze-I always wondered how cups got so bad like this when I saw them at garage sales-so lesson learned--don't put vintage cups in the microwave. I didn't think these were older than the 60s but they must have been-sigh-I was really upset with myself with these two happenings.

gotta do some stuff this morning, then I think I will make up a couple pies today-haven't had pie here in some time now. I found a recipe from Penzeys for pumpkin pie that looked really good-has a crumble topping of pecans on top, and a very different pie crust too-one that you mix up-don't roll out, but pour in pie pan and then form in the pan-so thought I would try that out too with my gluten flours.

I caught a movie on hallmark channel this morning-so off to finish watching that. catch ya all in a bit


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