Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vegan Chicken on a Tuesday

What?? you may be saying to yourself now-lol-when I was a vegetarian I tried several dishes that used vegan products to taste like the different meats-I decided I really didn't care for that at the time-but I have known vegans that do.

These also make good health choices-as long as you check for added sodium content-and they stretch your food dollar too-especially if mixed with a meat (if you choose to). I used alot of tofu products when I was a vegetarian-I even made my own from scratch-was amazing how many food products you would get with the process of making the tofu.

This post topic popped in my mind last night-lol-this is for my new "Sis" here on Multiply-Mel

Recipes: Vegan Fried Chicken here

Rosemary Chicken here (seitan is wheat guten)

Here is an article on seitan here (not for us with celiac)

Chinese Vegetarian Chicken here I would like this one, made with dried tofu sheets which I am not familiar with. this has lots of photos too.

Vegan Chicken Salad here

I found several photos using vegan chicken

more photos here


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