Monday, November 14, 2011

Sausage Making

Photos of grinding up the sausage, and the summer sausage all mixed up.
I ended up with 5 pints of canned venison backstrap-sliced. I just now turned off the pressure canner. I ended up using the directions for canning meats in the newest Ball canning book. There was so many variations online that I decided to go with Ball for my first attempt and then decide if I liked the results.
I followed the sliced tenderloin recipe, this was perfect for the backstrap cause there was no fat or grissel to cut out. Anxious to open the canner and see what it looks like.
Larry ground up all the venison from the second deer, I mixed in pork or chicken-and I made three kinds-ended up with 9 Pounds each. Bratwurst, venison seasoning sausage, and breakfast sausage. I bagged it all up seperately and put in the frig for a bit-to take a break.
I think I will freeze most of it, and can about half of the breakfast sausage. Will give half of everything to our friend Mr. L


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