Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Feast is About Ready

The smoker has been going since around 7:30 am, the venison roast looks and taste fabulous. I just put on about 12 trout that Larry had caught this summer-I am making some garlic-parmesean bread, and I just started a pot of wild rice on the stove, and will do a pot of green beans too.

I didn't want anything real heavy but I wanted something else besides the meat, fish, green beans, and bread, and I got to talking about foods with one of our friends, and he says you know I just love wild rice and he can't get his new wife to make it for him. so as I was going thru the freezer to find my sausage spices for tomorrow I found my last bag of native american wild rice from Wisconsin-I had brought down several bags of it with me when I retired. I thought perfect-will surprise my friend and it will go well this meal.

We have the rest of the first deer ground up and in the freezer, we ended up with 18 full quarts-split it with Mr. L. He got his deer this morning-so tomorrow I need to run to town and buy some fresh pork so we can add it to the ground venison and make sausage.

I need to find my recipes that my Mom gave me years ago of meat canning recipes from her amish neighbor. I remember one of them was for canned sausage patties.

So we got alot done today, and I am tired, especially since Nikita woke me up around 1 am and I couldn't get back to sleep.

Not going to get this quilt finished before they go back home tuesday morning, so will need to mail it off in a couple weeks instead. Since I am tying the knots closer together, is taking alot longer to do, and my right shoulder can't handle much more of 6-8 hours or tying-sooo will be a surprise in the mail for them.

Next weekend, we have the second group of friends coming in for more hunting-so that's kinda nice too.

Off to finish up supper


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