Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Morning

It's one of those days today, that would be comfy to work on the quilt that needs finishing up, or do a little reading-but I have some things that I just have to get done-more cleaning and making curtains.
I spent an hour or more thinking of ideas for easier tabs to make. I came up with one I really like, but don't have everything I need so I think I will do later, probably when I need to take the curtains down and wash them.
I have a huge trunk full of leather-all colors too, mostly small to large scraps. I found a beautiful off white that would look nice with my dyed fabric. I thought of cutting tabs-no need for seams on leather-sew buttons on front and back of curtains, so the tabs could come off before washing.
I went thru my antique buttons-most of them sorted by colors already-but I need about 30 for the fronts and just don't have enough the same size and close colors. I also need buttons for the backs too that won't show. I think I will search on etsy for some handmade wooden buttons-that way they will all be the same size too.
I wouldn't need to make buttonholes either, in the leather just make a slit-I love it!! This will have to wait cause the guys are coming next weekend, and Larry's room has the computer desk and his workbench that need to be put back in place-once that's done-can't get to the curtain rods easily. Sooooo, I finally got the panels all steam pressed, I am just going to sew a heading on top so the rod can slip thru, and hem them. The sides are all selvages and since their hand dyed-I am not going to mess with another hem on all those sides. Will still probably hand sew the hems though.
Yesterday he made rods out of copper pipe and these really cool decorator ends that we picked up at a garage sale for this room.
So that's next up. I am a slow sewer, especially handsewing, so this will take me all day. We got a rod up in the bathroom so I have thermal curtains up there-these were hand stenciled, left overs from our Illinois house-I always loved these.
I got Larry making the chili-lol to free up my time. He is a very good cook, he just won't cook any more. However he makes up a mean pot of chili-when I was gone to Indiana, when I got home everyone was raving about his delicious chili-so I asked him if he would make it up today-
still raining a little bit out there, and alot of leaves are finally falling now too. catch ya all a bit later-during my next break-lol


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