Monday, November 14, 2011

Making up Sausage This Afternoon

I had in the freezer, three sausage spice blends I had purchased from Penzeys- venison sausage, summer sausage, and brat sausage.
This afternoon after Mr. L goes hunting, we will grind up the deer he got yesterday. He's really fast at butchering, and he has an outdoor frig, where he can put in a 5 gallon bucket of the butchered meat in cold water-to get all the blood out of the meat.
I went to town early this morning to buy ground pork and chicken. I haven't made sausage in a very long time, we are not set up for curing at this time, so I will be freezing and canning.
I am off to hunt down my canning recipes and search for a recipe for italian sausage spices. I use italian sausage for my handmade pizzas and other things so that would be nice to make.
We woke up this morning to 70 degrees and still these very high winds-but the temps will be dropping all day today as a big storm is moving in tonight-just hoping the t storms hold off to after monday football tonight-the Packers are playing, and our two friends here now are from Wisconsin---sooooo a Packer party tonight-lol
Our feast yesterday was excellent-of course too much food-so I sent alot of it home, we will have the fish for lunch, and the smoked venison I put in the freezer and will bring out next weekend for the next hunting camp.
catch all later on-Happy Monday


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